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We work with any Social Platform. - Facebook, IG, TikTok, X. If it can be advertised on, we can manage it!

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Welcome to STC Digital Advertising

Founded by Jordan Hall, our journey began with a vision to empower small, early-stage businesses in the digital landscape. Jordan, growing up on a farm, learned the essence of hard work and transparent communication early on. His experiences at Keap, a renowned CRM/Marketing automation company, laid the foundation for STC Digital Advertising, enabling us to offer unique insights and services in digital marketing and back-end systems. Established in 2009, amidst the challenges of the Great Financial Crisis, our resilience and the lessons learned continue to guide us, allowing us to weather any storm and help businesses navigate the digital realm with precision and insight.

Today, we are a dynamic team of passionate individuals, offering a smorgasbord of services including digital advertising, social media management, and specialized consulting. Our values of developing leaders, plain speaking & excellence, balance & joy, and embracing the unique and quirky drive us to be the catalyst for growth for our clients.

What we're About...

  • Developing Leaders: We are committed to nurturing leaders and entrepreneurs from within, acting as mentors to the young and ambitious minds in our team.
  • Plain Speaking & Excellence: We strive to deliver exceptional services and communicate plainly and directly, enabling businesses to grow and learn swiftly. We are anti-jargon!
  • Balance & Joy: We value the balance between work and life, believing that fulfillment in personal life translates to enhanced productivity and joy in our work. We won’t ever ask that you pretend that your “work family” is the same as your “family family”
  • Embracing “the Weird”: We celebrate the quirks and passions that make us unique, as they are the true indicators of our loves and drives.

Our Mission: At STC Digital Advertising, we are on a mission to empower underserved businesses, helping them navigate the digital landscape with precision and insight. We are here to be the catalyst for growth, the translator of visions, and the builders of digital bridges, all while keeping life fun and valuing the weirdness in us all.

Our Journey so far...

Growing up on a farm, Jordan learned the values of hard work and transparent communication from an early age. These principles became the foundation upon which STC Digital Advertising was built. His journey in the digital realm began at Keap, a renowned CRM/Marketing automation company, where he acquired extensive knowledge in digital marketing and back-end systems. It was here that the vision for STC Digital Advertising was born—a vision to serve small, early-stage businesses that are often overlooked by agencies in favor of those with more resources.

In 2009, amidst the challenges of the Great Financial Crisis, STC Digital Advertising came to life. Building a business in such trying times was no easy feat, but the resilience and lessons learned during those early days continue to guide our journey, enabling us to weather any storm.

Our Evolution: From a one-man shop, we have evolved into a dynamic team of sharp, passionate individuals, offering not only digital advertising services but also social media management and consulting. We’ve played pivotal roles in elevating businesses to multimillion-dollar acquisitions and have nurtured long-lasting relationships with clients on more gradual growth trajectories. In 2022, we expanded our services to include social media management, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between digital ads and organic social presence.

Our consulting services, led by Jordan, act as a bridge between businesses and their marketing partners, translating visions into actionable strategies and fostering faster growth. We believe in the synergy of services, where each component amplifies the other, creating a rising tide that lifts all ships.


We didn't say it, they did 😉

“At a time when most internet providers over promise and under deliver, these people do the opposite. They never went over budget and always communicated well every month. If we had
any questions we just got on the phone. Highly ethical and responsive."”

Scott MFounder, Mueller Memorial

“We've had the pleasure of working with STC for a while now. Not only are they masters at their craft, they are masters at customer service. Always diligent, on time, on budget, and they
set clear expectations. Highly recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jack WOwner, 360 Fitness

“Before you guys took over, I was wondering where my next patient would come from. Now I've got my calendar filled for the next 4 months thanks directly to the work you've done. I can't
say enough good things.”

Mark PPower Stuttering